SQL Database Creation procedure:

Steps to be followed from the start:

Step1: Expand Databases in Query analyzer->Right Click->Choose New Database->Give database name.

Step 2: Find where mdf & ldf files are stored for another database in that instance using following query for comparison.
select * from sysfiles

Place mdf and ldf files for the new database as like below path in the wizard.


Step 3: check mdf & ldf file path for new database is same as another existing database in the instance.

Step 4: set recovery model specific to the environment like Dev-Simple, Test-Simple, and Production-Full.

Step 5: Finally create the database.

Step 6: Give access for required users.

Step 7: Add new database in the existing maintenance plan like Fullbackup, Transaction backup, Rebuild Index plan, etc.

That’s’ it. Hope you will store data.


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