If remote desktop sessions exceeded means, how will you connect into windows server?


Unable to login into windows server due to RDP sessions limit exceeded.


  1. Log into a server on the domain and open a windows command prompt
  2. To view current connections on a server and type the following
  3. qwinsta /server:<server name or ip address>
  4. When the results are displayed pick an ID value that has a state of “Disc” (Disconnected)
  5. To kill a session pick the ID with the state of “Disc” and type the following
  6. rwinsta <ID Value> /server:<server name or ip address>
The remote desktop session has been killed and you are now able to Remote Desktop into your original SQL Server.  If you are asking yourself what does qwinsta and rwinsta mean… well here they are:
qwinsta = Query WINdows STAtion
rwinsta = Reset WINdows STAtion

Hope you can connect now.


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