How to format amount do not display numbers after decimal point? e.g. if the value in the database 139000.82 what function to use (other than FormatCurrency)to display amount in the SSRS 2008 R2 report such as $139,000?

Please follow the below steps to achieve the answer.


Set the expressions as like below.

="Post Code:" + Fields!Post_CODE.Value +  VbCrLf  + "Area:" + Fields!AREA.Value + VbCrlf +
 "Count of Admission Number:" + cstr(Count(Fields!ADMISSION_NO.Value, "DataSet1")) + VbCrlf +
 "Estimated VALUE:" + cstr(Format(Sum(Fields!ESTIMATED_VALUE.Value, "DataSet1"),"C0")) +  VbCrLf  +
  "Averege of Each Employee VALUE:" + cstr(Format(Sum(Fields!ESTIMATED_VALUE.Value,
   "DataSet1")/Count(Fields!ADMISSION_NO.Value, "DataSet1"),"C0"))

That’s it.


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