SSRS Configuration step by step(SQL SERVER REPORTING SERVICES)

Step1.Click Start->All Programs->Microsoft SQL Server->Configuration Tools->Reporting Service Configuration Manager.

Reporting service configuartion dialog box opens(Below Figure )

Step2.Specify the Server Name and report server instance.Click Connect buttton.

Reporting Service Configuaration Manager window opens to show the status of  current report server instance.

Step3.Select Service account tab from the left pane of RSCM window to open the service account page.

You can get an option choose service account by choosing the radio button in the above figuure and Click Apply Button.

Step4.Select the Web Service URl tab from the left pane of RSCM window to open the Web Service URL Page as shown in the below figure.

Configure URL to access the report server and also you can specify more than one URL to access the same Report Server.
Then Click Apply Button.

Step5.Select Database tab from the left pane of RSCM window to open the Database page as shown in the below figure.

Above figure shows the report server database and report server database credentials.Here we can able to sepcify a new database for the report server and can also change the credentials.

Step6.Select Report Manager URL tab from the left pane of the RSCM window to open the Report Manager URL page as shown in the below figure

Here we can configure a URL to access Report Manager.You can also specify multiple URLs for Report Manager by clicking the advanced button.

Step7.Email Account as per below figure allows us to configure the Email settings for a report server.Here we can able to specify an existing SMTP server and an email account for sending emails from that server.

Next Execution Account tab allows us to specify an account to enable us to use report datasources that do not require credentials.
This account allows to store external images used in reports.

Next Encryption Keys Tab allows us to backup,restore and change the symmetric key that is used by SSRS to encrypt credentials and connection strings stored in the report server database.

Finally Scale Out Deployment tab allows you to specify settings enables to multiple report servers to use a single,shared report server database.

Happy SSRS Configuration setup.


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