How to grant update permission to specific columns in a table in sql?

Do you know how to grant select permissions on TBL_XXXXXX table in XXX instance in XXXX server. And also grant update permissions on the same table at column level for the columns columnname1 and columnname2.?

By executing below query, select permission granted to the table ‘TBL_XXXXXX’ for the user ‘databaseusername’.

GRANT SELECT ON [TBL_XXXXXX] TO databaseusername

By executing below query, update permission granted to the specific columns in a table ‘TBL_XXXXXX’ for the user ‘databaseusername’

GRANT UPDATE(columnname1) ON [TBL_XXXXXX] TO databaseusername

GRANT UPDATE(columnname2) ON [TBL_XXXXXX] TO databaseusername

That’s it.


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